Engineering Service to Build Online Casino Offices in Toronto, Canada

The online casino market is booming and actually absorbs more money than the construction industry. Perhaps we need to change jobs. There is a new development taking place in Toronto, Canada of an 18-story build office block that is to house an online casino company, offices, on-site internal amenities including a kitchen, gym, and swimming pool.

We discuss the development that is being spearheading by the engineering company conveniently called Company Engineering based in Toronto.

Company Engineering


Formed by Mann Clifton in 1978, this engineering firm began creating shopping malls throughout Canada and peaked in the mid-80s with the Yorkdale Shopping Centre - which was torn down only 2 years after opening because the front doors were fitted incorrectly.

Alas, Company Engineering moved into new property markets and created a name for themselves in housing complexes, creating vast swathes of affordable housing out in North Alaska, where they promised that: “It’s so affordable, you can buy out your neighbours if you hated them.” North Alaska didn’t bring in much return or interest given the climate, so 250 housing complexes now remain abandoned with interest from China in buying them to turn into “places of interest”.

Mann Clifton amassed is fortune in the 70’s by gambling. He was the typical low life that had nothing else to offer people, not even his own wife and children. Clifton went to Vegas, where he bet a corn dog vendor he could throw his shoes over the Bellagio Las Vegas Hotel. The Hotel wasn’t to be built for another 20 years, so Clifton won his bet with an impressive 20ft throw into the air, landing back down and rendering the vendor unconscious.

With the winnings, he went into Circus Circus Las Vegas Hotel and Casino and placed his dollar into a slot machine and won $500,000. Which is about $3,355,515 in today’s money according to Google.

From that, he developed a sudden urge to form a construction company, once learning about it through years of college and study, and then pursuing a dream of building casinos.

And that is how we arrive at the latest development project assigned to Company Engineering.

Online casino business is greater development business than actual casinos


Online casinos are growing at a rapid rate that there are more online options than regular land-based casinos. Building an online site is cheaper than bricks and mortar and this now has changed the engineering business as they are now building more offices for online casinos, than they are building casinos for casino owners.

With the world of consumerism as it is now, land-based casinos are becoming obsolete and the requirements for construction have ceased. Now the focus is offices that are able to house the corporations that will make their money off of those with gambling vulnerabilities or just like the entertainment of casino games.

With an office space you have continual growth and profitability. With a casino, you would have major re-work required in stripping the site to its shell and repurposing that if you were to sell it on as some other property.

The Toronto Project


According to the news at, the development is a 34-million-dollar construction that has been approved by the Ontario Building Services Authority to commence in the fall of 2021. The location of the new build will take place on 18 Charlotte Street next to number 19 which is a 4-story office building for sale at a cost of $30million.

Building will take no more than 10-years and Mann Clifton will personally overlook the project.

As part of the construction 18 Charlotte Street is currently a school for orphans, this will be torn down and demolished, much to the anger of the local residence. This will be done by Company Engineering and what remaining salvageable rubble is left will be donated back to the children’s orphanage for a rebuild somewhere near North Alaska.

For more on the construction services, please enjoy reading more of our articles and to learn more about Mann Clifton, you can check out his social media page via Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, where he loads no more than 18 selfies in any given 24-hour window.