Here Are Five Characteristics That Make a Great Engineer

Many people believe that if someone is good at physics and maths then they have what it takes to become a great engineer. Now, it is important to have a physics and maths brain, but there is a lot more to being a great engineer than just that. Below we take a look at a number of things that we believe makes for a great engineer, and these are qualities that we look for in the engineers that we decide to work with.


They Are Great at Problem Solving

Engineers come in all different sizes and shapes. Civil and structural engineers help to design buildings and structures such as tunnels, bridges, and roads, while mechanical engineers help to design things such as engines, while software engineers are there to program computers. However, there is one thing that they should all have in common and that is their ability to solve problems.

Engineers, no matter what type, have to be able to solve problems. For example, a structural engineer might be faced with an issue of how to build a tunnel through a mountain. On the other hand, a chemical engineer might need to work out the correct amount of sugar to put in a chocolate bar without making it too sweet or not sweet enough. An engineer that struggles to solve problems is one that will not make it as an engineer in any field.

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They Are Curious about Everything

Engineers should be naturally inquisitive as curiosity is what motivates them to answer all the questions that they get faced with. No self-respecting engineer is happy until they have beaten a problem that arises into submission using relentless logic. Engineers should always be looking at the environment and natural world around them and asking questions such as “how?” and “why?”. If an engineer is not interested in finding out more about every little facet of life, then it is highly likely that they chose the wrong career path. If you come across an uninquisitive engineer when you are looking for one to hire, do yourself a big favour and look elsewhere.

They Look for New Ways to Do Things

Most of the issues that engineer will face will pop up time and time again, meaning that a lot of their work will involve adapting tested approaches to different situations. Then there are other problems that are totally unique or on a much larger scale than any that the engineer has come across before. In such cases, instead of adapting old approaches, new techniques have to be created in order to bring the project to life.

There is No Rest for Them

Engineers are completely obsessive when it comes to coming up with the best solutions to their engineering issues using the budget and materials that are given to them. The best engineers will probably admit to losing plenty of hours of sleep when working on a challenging project and trying to come up with new ways to do things. If you are looking for an engineer and the one you are interested in looks like he has slept like a baby for the last week, then maybe you should think about looking for one that has bags under their eyes.


They Have Very Good Teamwork Skills

Engineers will often work in teams - projects will often be broken down into different parts and shared out, with each member of the team taking full responsibility for thier part of the project. To make sure that the project runs smoothly, engineers have to be able to communicate with each other properly. Depending on the project at hand, there might be different types of engineers working on a project. For instance, if a plane is being designed, then there could be mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, software engineers, and chemical engineers all working together. This means that a good engineer needs to be able to put their ideas across, while also having the ability to listen to others. Everyone has to help each other so that the end project is reached as fast as possible and with as much quality as possible. An engineer that does not like working in a team is one that is not going to go very far in the engineering world.