Our Consulting Engineers Have Worked on Some of the Best Cricket Venues

The 2019 Cricket World Cup in England and Wales provided untold entertainment for over a billion cricket lovers all over the world, there can be no doubt about that. But what is the relevance to consulting engineering? The venues, of course.


What Consulting Engineers Have to Think About

Without venues, there could be no international tournaments. In fact, without venues, there could be no great sporting events at all. There is no debate about that. Whenever a stadium is built, it is vital that they have structural integrity. Nothing beats the thrill and atmosphere of watching a cricket game in a packed-out stadium, but somebody has to make sure that all those inside enjoying themselves are safe. This is where consulting engineers come into play.

Consulting engineers must ensure that the stadium has the correct facilities for the professionals that are going to be using it as well as the spectators that are going to pay decent money to watch their team perform. As well as this, they also need to ensure that it is safe and easy to maintain. They also have to take into account the impact that the stadium will have on the surrounding infrastructure and the local community. In short, consulting engineers have a lot to think about when a new sporting venue is being built.

Carrying Out Safety Inspections

During and after construction, consulting engineers will carry out a number of safety inspections. When structural challenges arise during the build, people will turn to the consulting engineer for the answer to their problems. If issues arise when the build is complete, people will turn to the consulting engineer to solve the issue.

Like we said, safety is very important so many sporting venues have annual safety checks which are carried out by consulting engineers. We are proud to be able to say that many of our consulting engineers have carried out safety checks on some of the best cricket stadiums around the world. Such stadiums include Lord’s, Melbourne Cricket Ground, Eden Gardens, and the Kensington Oval. Quite a few of our consulting engineers are huge cricket fans, so they love nothing more than working on a project that involves cricket stadiums.


The Importance of Efficiency and Pace

In international sport, deadlines cannot wait. If a challenge arises during the construction process, it has to be solved quickly and efficiently. However, the need to be efficient will not stop when the stadium is opened as even the best venues in the world need to energy and cost efficient.

Our consulting engineers are great at making sure that tight deadlines are met without a lot of fuss. They will help to deliver quality venues that are energy efficient, but do not take away from the spectators’ experience. For example, the Melbourne Cricket Ground is one of the most energy efficient stadiums in the world, and some of our consulting engineers played a huge part in that.

The Ability to Provide a World Class Experience

Sporting events are extremely special due to the tension and excitement that the spectator goes through throughout the course of the match. The stadium that the event is being played in plays a huge part in the experience that the spectator receives. Our consulting engineers know that the action on the field and the stadium are intimately linked.